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Textile based composite material development

KICI is non-profit second hand textile collector which funds many good causes with the profits they make form reselling second hand clothing. Most value is in the part of this clothing which is fashionably enough and of high enough quality. However, due to several socio-economical trends, the ratio of non-wearable clothing is growing each year. As this non-wearable part is currently not economically viable, a solution was wanted to increase the value of this waste stream.

(Note: Since then KICI has joined forces with a competitor Humana to form a company called Sympany)

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Design and engineering of series produced machines

At the Lely Industries barn and feeding engineering department, I was part of a team which is developing a new Lely barn machine. Unfortunately, at this moment this machine has not been released yet, so any details about its function, working principles and looks are still protected by a non-disclosure agreement. It suffices to say that it’s a new machine for a new market (for Lely), with new hardware, electronics and software. Continue reading “Design and engineering of series produced machines”


Textile composite products and prototypes

After proving the technical and economic feasibility of textile based composites, the next step for  me at KICI was to identify possible applications  for this material and finding commercial partners to develop these ideas. Two parallel projects ran side by side: more complex but higher grade thermosetting textile composites on one hand and cheaper but series producible thermoplastic textile composites on the other hand.

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Continuous development series produced machines

Since 2015 the focus of of my work at Lely Industries shifted to the so called continuous improvement of the current barn and feeding machines. Together with one colleague, I’m responsible for all mechanical changes to the current Discovery barn cleaner (90S and 90SW versions), Juno feed pusher (100 and 150 versions), Cosmix feeding station (S and P versions), Calm calf drinking station, Commodus cow box divider

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